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Online Bible Club & Camp Activities


Free Online Bible Club

Sunshine's Club is a free children's online bible club; focusing on bible study, life skill, workshop, activities, games and quiz for ages 5 - 17 years old.

The Bible is the word of God which is the truth and light that our children need now;

Whether you are a child or an adult, there is one thing the heart seeks earnestly that is; the truth and this can only be found in the exposing the children to it.

A child's personal encounter with Jesus is core, like Daniel, like Joseph , when they grow old and are in a foreign land they can never depart from it.

As a child, discovering who you are and what your purpose is; can be found in the word of God. The reason why we have confused adults today is because once upon a child, they were not exposed to the truth of the word of God.

A child's purpose and responsibility is something that should not be taken away from them as it boost their self esteem, mental wellbeing. Sunshine's Club goes beyond studying the word of God but practicing them through the eyes of love, giving back to the community, building life skills, relationships, true identity, sex, business, E-safety and career. 

Every children have been specifically given to us so we can guide and nurture them into their God ordained destiny.

Sending them to school is just one pillar out of several pillars. 

I need you to think about your child's future and ask yourself two questions; 

- What are my expectations for my children?

- How am I preparing them for it? 


If you can't answer these questions confidently, you need to REGISTER your child for Sunshine's Club and begin to see the Word and the Holy Spirit shape them to who God has called them to be.

Camp Programmes

Ages 7 - 17yrs old . Inspiring and experiencing Jesus . To be passionate and genuine believers



Fully understanding the full Gospel message, have a full impact on your own personal day to day living. If you don’t fully understand the main truths of the Gospel, you will not have a full confidence in it, and if you have a limited confidence in it, you will not have the passion to apply it and share it with others.

In our bible session we want to help children gain a deeper understanding of key Gospel truths, and to inspire them to share it with many others, especially their friend!


Summer Camp 

We invest in children, because It’s not a new idea or something invented by people. All through Scripture God has put a special emphasis on the spiritual growth and development of children—of telling the coming generation the deeds of the Lord.

Our camp will take you on a whistle-stop tour through many passages, helping the children to see God in everything.


Effectively Teachings

When it comes to teaching Bible lessons, we keep the child’s attention and engaged; one way we do this is through the art of good story telling.

Our classes gives practical lesson and advice on given subject for Excellency of Knowing God.

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Capacity Building

Play therapy, through building resilience bringing a sense of excellence and sense of purpose 


Camp Accomodation

We are blessed to have a Well furnished and cosy facility with children friendly environment and safeguarding policy in place for children to enjoy 

Samples of Weekly Lessons

The weekly report slides are some samples of past topics and discussions for 8 - 10 years old.

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