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Lets Keep Sowing

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Genesis 8:22

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and Harvest, Cold and Heat, Winter and Summer, And Day and Night shall not cease.”

When I was a little girl in Africa, We liked corn 🌽 because it grows quicker in West Africa due to its tropical weather temperature, therefore I and my siblings turned our garden to corn plantation; we will sow and then count down within 60 to 100 days before harvesting and we get to share with friends and neighbours.

Thinking on this; means what we harvest this season is what we have sown, isn’t it?

According to the Holy Bible in Galatians 6:7 “Whatever a man sows, so shall he harvest.”

This harvest season we celebrate by giving; in gratitude to God's promises and the fulfilment of them. It proves the reality of the word of God in our lives.

Have you ever sown a seed and watch it grow; this can also apply to our words, our giving, our loving, our kindness, our gratitude, our caring and our prayers, there is harvest time for them because they are seed too according to the Holy Bible in Mark 4.

In this harvest season as we give, love, pray and share, be assured that as the day and night never fails, our harvest will surely come; so sow bountifully.

It is written; seedtime and harvest will never cease as Heaven ad Earth remains.

I will sow more this season, how about you? (please do contact us for another opportunity to sow to this ministry this season)

Prayer: We thank you the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; for You are the Lord of Harvest!

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