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What is parenting?

By Dr D K Olukoya

What is parenting?

1. It is a call to serve God by helping Him preserve the next generation.

2. A calling to make children serve God who will populate the kingdom of God and depopulate the kingdom of darkness.

3. It’s a privilege to affect the next generation for God.

4. It is accountability and responsibility.

5. Parenting will soon be over and stop when that child gets married. We need to work fast and work hard.

6. It is like farming, a good farmer will tell you that weeding is a continuous process. Helping children to fulfill their potentials by mentoring them with Godly principles and standards.

7. Parenting is a joint work, husband and wife must work together to bring up their children in the way of the Lord.

8. Parenting cannot be delegated. Nobody can help you raise your children. School teachers cannot, preachers cannot, even lesson teachers cannot.

9. Parenting is very rewarding, if you do it well, you will enjoy it for life. No vacation, you cannot say you’re too tired to take care of them.

10. Parenting needs prayer. The greatest weapon is your prayer. You cannot be everywhere with your children but your prayer can be everywhere with your children. You have the capacity to pray for them to make right decisions in life. When your ability to bring up your children is deficient, it is then you will go to school and be cursing their teachers in their presence.

Bottom line: These are the things we need to look at in this teaching series. Make them Bible and prayer addicts, then this is a good start.

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