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Sharing the true super Hero story with your children

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

“Jesus Our Ultimate Superhero” from Mark 1:29-39

It’s fun to think about superheros and superpowers isn’t it?  Flying, seeing through walls, or even being invisible.  It would be so cool to be able to do something no one else could do.

When Jesus was on earth, many people thought of Him as a kind of superhero.

Right after Jesus chose his disciples he visited the home of Simon and Andrew, two of his new disciples.  When he got there he discovered that Simon’s mother-in-law was very sick and stuck in bed.  All Jesus had to do was touch her hand and she was instantly healed.

This was a huge shock to her and everyone else watching.  How had this man done this? That is impossible!  But it wasn’t impossible, because Jesus really did heal her.

Everyone was so excited and in shock that they ran to tell everyone they knew, especially those that were sick.  Everyone needed to see this man and his super power of healing.

Person after person came to the door, and Jesus touched each one, healing them of anything that they had.

In the middle of the night Jesus snuck away quietly to pray.  His disciples found him and asked him to come back, because there were more people at the door asking for his healing.  But surprisingly, Jesus said no.

You would think Jesus would want to help these people.  How could he live with all of these people needing his help.  Jesus was the only one with this superpower, the only one who could heal them because He Loved them.  How could He possibly say no?

But Jesus knew that healing the sick wasn’t the only plan. He had something much more important to do, and it involved an even greater super power that would help even more people.  Do you know what that super power is?

The greatest, most amazing, spectacular, important, exciting, and powerful super power of all time; “The Holy Spirit is Jesus Superpower”. Jesus could save our hearts through His Holy Spirit, yes Everyone’s heart.  That’s one incredible super power!

Even though healing the sick was so cool, Jesus knew it wasn’t nearly as important as saving our hearts and teaching us to be like Him.  So everywhere Jesus and his disciples went, they loved, gave, preached to people, huge crowds, teaching them about God and His Kingdom of heaven.

Jesus was, is, and always will be the ONLY one who could ever have the power to save us, and we need Him to save us so we can live with Him forever in heaven. Jesus is the ultimate Superhero with the ultimate Superpower.  Jesus is the Son of God.

Thank You Jesus for saving me!

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